After 10 years, finally the book.
This book 's proceeds are used to maintain this site. Right now it's in only sold as an ebook, but I'm working on a hartd copy.
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Paxil Withdrawal: the Book



Why a book?

The book's primary purpose is to allow me to continue running this site. Two years ago, work commitments forced me to scale this site down to the bare minimum . After answering thousands of letters, I no longer found the time to provide email support , nor did I have time to keep the content current. At that point the plan was to phase quitpaxil out for good and to shut the site down.

Even with this neglect, however, I was astounded to see that the traffic to the site kept on growing. People also found ways to contact me using various clever and laborious ways. It had become obvious that the demand for this information was as strong as ever.

As a freelancer who has to feed and clothe my young daughter, the only way to devout any time to this site is to try to raise funds which will allow me to take time off from my web design work. The book is experiment to see if this can be done.


What is in the book?

The book is basically an extension of this site. It includes more accounts, more success stories,more readers advice along with my comments, a bibliography of medical literature, another guide to withdrawal, as well as many other documents and anecdotes that I have collected over the last ten years. It also includes an introduction which recounts my personal experience with paxil withdrawal.

Please note, that it is a work in progress and will certainly become more polished over time should there prove to be a demand for it.


What the book isn't

I have not attempted to write an exhaustive work on Paxil withdrawal. Instead, it is my hope that by providing a cross section of voices from other sufferers, the reader can assure themselves that they are not alone in this ordeal and that he or she can use the experience of others to find the strength to get through the process.


How Much?

$9.99 at Amazon . If you can't afford one, please email me.

How to get it:

You can buy the book here.

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