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This section is really a hold-over from the old site. I included it here so that anyone looking for more information on the web can hopefully find a usefull starting link or two. If you have any links to add or if you would like to report a broken link, please feel free to do so.

Paxil Withdrawal Related

FDA Advisory Sept 2005(pdf)
Antidepressant Use in Children, Adolescents, and Adults (FDA)
Current information on the use of antidepressants in pediatric patients

Antidepressant discontinuation reactions
Persistent adverse neurological effects following SSRI discontinuation .
Reports of SSRI withdrawal reaction
SSRI Withdrawal Syndrome
SSRI Discontinuation Syndrome


Paxil Related

Paroxetine - Wikipedia overview -
comprehensive Paxil information archive
Paxil Q&A from infolink
- as title states. Commercial site . Well worth visit.'s Paxil page
- standard medical information's Paxil page
- more standard medical information
GSK- from the makers of Paxil

Depression and Anxiety Related's Anxiety/Panic pages - good articles. Commercial site.
PADA - good Panic disorder site from Australia. Non-commercial
Panic disorders: a comprehensive overview - non -commercial - leans toward medicated solutions, but good little site. Some ads

General Mental Health

Mind - excellent UK based site . Lots of information. Great layout.
The Bright Side- Wings of Support - volunteer run support site -excellent UK benzo withdrawal site, although sporting slighly retro graphics
NAMI - US mental health site. Non-commercial.


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