After 10 years, finally the book.
This book 's proceeds are used to maintain this site. Right now it's in only sold as an ebook, but I'm working on a hartd copy.
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I will or cannot answer questions on the following topics:

  • should you start/ stop taking Paxil: this decision is up to you
  • Paxil and pregnancy
  • interaction between Paxil and other drugs
  • other SSRIs (I have not had any experience with them)

Please read entire site, esp. the FAQ before asking specific questions

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Please note that your anonymity will be guarded by any means possible. Contrarian letters are welcome and will not be used against the sender. Letters may be posted on this site, unless you indicate otherwise. Your email address will never be published or passed-on to anyone else.

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Frank W. Streicher
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